Groupe Urgence Sinistre (GUS)

A portal for franchisees and their employees designed to improve communications and standardize the training process


In order to facilitate communications with their franchisees and their franchisees' employees, GUS was looking for a technological solution that would provide them with a portal customized to their brand image. This platform had to include various functionalities, such as access to statements and invoices, document management, resources, online training, communications, as well as the ability for their franchisees to place orders for promotional items and uniforms.


Founded in 1991, GUS (Groupe Urgence Sinistre) specializes in disaster recovery, offering a complete range of turnkey services, from clean-up to reconstruction and relocation. As a franchisor-based service provider, GUS serves the needs of a large number of contractors in Canada, with a total of 250 franchises.

Personalized modules

Our team has developed an employee portal with several customized modules.


Application including a call center dashboard, providing real-time visibility of franchisees available to meet customer needs. It records the skills, availability and locations of franchisees, making it easy to assign tasks according to customer requests.

Online training with video content organized into categories and sub-categories to facilitate user search and navigation. Each training module is designed to group together several relevant videos, enabling a coherent pedagogical progression. Administrators can also control user access to videos, ensuring confidentiality and learning relevance.

Centralization and organization of all important documents and resources for franchisees and employees. Upload, store and manage multiple document types.

Users segmented into groups with specific parameters to facilitate communications, training and access management.

Internal news distribution based on specific employee groups. Share targeted information with different departments, such as company updates, upcoming events, policy changes, team successes, etc.

Simplify financial management between the franchisor (GUS) and franchisees by connecting to Zoho Books. Allows franchisees to easily consult their list of invoices and statements of accounts payable. Integrated functionality to view centralized payments sent by the franchisor to franchisees. Automated declaration of royalties payable by franchisees to the franchisor.

API integration

Connection with Zoho

To enable the exchange of information, invoices and customer files between the employee portal and the management system, we integrated Zoho One, which includes Zoho Books, Zoho CRM and Zoho Form.


GUS will be able to offer franchisees and their employees a complete experience, promoting professional development, access to resources and simplified user management.

  • All necessary documents in one place
  • Centralize data and reduce the number of manual tasks
  • Standardizing the training process
  • Optimized resource management thanks to more effective coordination between franchisees and the call center


Standardized training process


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