Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

Founded in 1998 by a young entrepreneur who loves wine culture, the Vineyard Rivière du Chêne has a strong intention to be part of the first generation of Quebec wine-grower who have managed to master this art. MEDIAVORE has designed the company's website to promote the local products offered by the vineyard. In addition, our team works closely with the vineyard to feed the company's social networks and newsletters.

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Improve communication with customers, wine club members and employees through the development of newsletters and of a content strategy to feed the Vineyard's Facebook page.


In order to centralize the internal and external communications of our client, we have designed three flexible and easy-to-use newsletter templates. Segmenting subscribers in the newsletter into homogeneous groups allows the Vineyard Riviere du Chêne to send personalized and relevant messages. For the social network, we worked with our client to create an editorial calendar that allows us to publish weekly social media content. This allowed us to build a community committed to the Facebook page of the vineyard.


The team made up of several seasonal workers now has a centralized source of information on everything that happens in the vineyard. Clients receive interesting information about the vineyard, which is not only made up of advertising, which is reflected in the average opening rate (over 55%). The answer of the wine club members is now much faster regards to special invitations. Moreover, the vineyard benefits from numerous statistics which facilitate important decisions. As for the Facebook page of the vineyard, after a little more than a year it counts more than 2,000 fans who interact actively every time information is published.

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The newsletters designed by MEDIAVORE allow the Vineyard Riviere du Chêne to share information relevant to the good target clientele. The general newsletter is sent to all the customers of the vineyard, but the list of emails is segmented by group of customers (visitors, corporate, married and restaurateurs) and allows the sending of more personalized messages. The members of the Fleur de Lys wine club receive special invitations for tastings, for happy hours or to enjoy privileged access to new vintages. Employees receive monthly summaries of past and future events. Their newsletter also highlights the good moves of the team, important memos as well as the anniversary of employees.

Graphical Aspect


We first design the page and integrate the basic information on the vineyard. Then we added tools to allow, for example, the creation of competitions and the presentation of a virtual visit of the vineyard. The second step was to organize a meeting with the team members to target the relevant topics that needed to be addressed on the page. In summary, the Facebook page informs subscribers of the prizes won by the vineyard, upcoming events, the production of the wine, the Quebec wine industry and more.

Label Design

The previous packaging used a silk-screen printing applied directly to the bottle, so we opted for a superior label lightly textured. The "W" has been preserved because of its notoriety, but has undergone a small modifications in order to make it more modern. This wine has also served as a guideline in order to create a continuity between all the wines of the vineyard. The double curved line that illustrates a river and which comes from the logo is now on the cap (upper part of the bottle) of all wines of the vineyard.