Verger Lacroix

Le Verger Lacroix & Cidrerie master the art of cultivating the apple in all its forms. Located in the Lower Laurentians of Quebec, in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Verger Lacroix & Cidrerie showcase a range of exclusive and sought-after products / services such as apple picking, renowned cider making and homemade delicacies. MEDIAVORE intervened for the design of the company's website as well as for the management of a photoshoot of the different products of the orchard.

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Design and implement a complete overhaul of the website and its content. Create a modern design highlighting the human aspect of the company and the craft side of the products. The second mandate was to take charge of the artistic direction of the project for the photo shoot of the products


Our team has completely revised the structure of the website. As we had the mandate to draft and translate the texts, it was easier to create a synergy between the essence of the texts and the design of the site. The photos of the site were taken by our experienced photographer, which greatly contributes to enhance the professional image of the company. In order for the site to become a reference point to stay in touch with people who have visited the orchard, we have added a section with all the details about apple varieties and a recipe section.The responsive design of the website allows to properly view the full content on a smartphone, tablet or other media.


The new website now features design and content aligned on the same axis: Art. It adequately represents all facets of the business. Three half-day photo sessions captured all the necessary images to create the desired experience for the Verger Lacroix website.

Photo management

In order to animate the various sections of the website, we needed to capture images of the shop, the orchard and the vats where the ciders are made. We also wanted images of the orchard at different times of the year, from flowering to apple season. As the site has a recipe section, we organized a photo shoot where dishes and cocktails are highlighted in their element, the land of the orchard. Another session was also organized to energize the team section of the website. Each staff member had to be photographed in a pose or with an accessory that represents his biggest passion.