Rustik Chalet

Rustik Chalet has been a dream builder for 3 generations. Neither too big nor too small, the chalets built by Rustik Chalet are modern and cozy. They offer their guests the opportunity to fully enjoy nature and relax by having a foothold in the Laurentians. MEDIAVORE has designed a one-page website for the company.

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Design a website with dynamic signage to present a new cottage development project in the Laurentians, Rustik Chalet.


Create a website perfectly based on the image already developed by a graphic designer for Rustik Chalet. The main objective was to create a model consistent with the existing logo, while maintaining a simple and warm design. As this web page is intended to be the first version of an evolving site, it has been designed so that it can always be modified by adding new features and additional content. In addition, the display of the site adapts to the different mobile platforms (responsive design) in order to optimize the experience of the users according to the size of their screen.


From the very first moment, MEDIAVORE was able to meet the expectations of Rustik Chalet. The company now owns a web page that, at first glance, is very attractive and supports its brand image. This allows the company to better position itself on the Web and offer a rich experience to its potential customers. This site is a prime tool to increase the conversion rate to sales offices. MEDIAVORE will monitor the development of the project as the company expands.