LVAB has been working in the comerzialisation of wines and spirits for 10 years now. Offering a wide selection of local and international wines and spirits, the LVAB team stands out thanks to its know-how and its love of fine wines.

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Design an online store where consumers can order their wines directly on the LVAB website. Delivery takes place at the SAQ branch selected by the consumer.


Create an intuitive online store modelled on the company's brand image. The shop adapts to the various platforms (responsive design) in order to respond to the trend of online purchases via tablets and cell phones. The online shop is simple and allows easy and interactive navigation between different products. Several search criteria have been configured to allow visitors to segment their searches. Pictograms have been added to the product sheets to describe technically the wine (provenance, variety of wine, format, agreement, etc.) This gives a visually esthetic appearance and allows visitors to quickly capture the information.


Developing this new sales channel enabled LVAB to significantly their increase sales. Indeed, it is by making more accessible the purchase of their products by the creation of their online shop that they have reached this level of sales. For wine lovers, this click & collect system is very appreciated since it allows them to make new discoveries.