Groupe Dargis

With more than 50 years of experience, the Dargis Group has distinguished itself in the fields of renovation, project management, development and property management. The company has chosen MEDIAVORE to completely revamp their website in order to increase their visibility on the Web and to attract new customers.

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Review brand image, online presence and communication tools in order to gain new customers.


Our team has completely redesigned the website. In order to generate calls and visits on the site, we have set up a campaign to buy keywords on Google (Adwords) and make advertising placement on sites related to their industry and their market. In addition, we produced leaflets about the services offered, such as major renovation and compliance of buildings.


Elegant and simple, the new website exposes all the Dargis Group's areas of expertise: new construction, renovation & compliance, decontamination and disaster recovery. The sales force now have professional equipment to explain to potential customers the services offered and demonstrating the expertise and know-how of the company.

Google Adwords Campaign

In construction field, buyers generally take the time to research the different options available to them in order to make the best choice. That's why it was considered essential to make a Google Adwords campaign to allow the Dargis group to stand out on the search engines. By selecting the right keywords, the SEO campaign on Google has allowed the company to increase its visibility on search engines thus allow it to reach more potential customers.


The leaflets were created to promote the Dargis Group's services. This way, it's easier for potential customers to find relevant information about the company.