Marie-Dominique Rail is the founder and owner of MCHEF Inc., a company that offers incredible blends of herbs and spices without allergens and low in sodium. MEDIAVORE was mandated to design the company's website as well as the label design of its products.

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The first mandate was to design the MCHEF Inc. website modelled on the brand image of the company presenting the new product line, culinary services and exclusive recipes of Chief Marie. The second mandate was to redesign the label design for the new packaging of MCHEF's range of spices and toppings.


We wanted to create a website like Chief Marie, that is, colorful and feminine. The design is simple and refine in order to put the emphasis on the products. The recipes, which are very popular with the general public, are also an integral part of the site. The site display fits the various mobile platforms (design responsive) so that users can easily order online or consult their favorite recipe.

The design team made sure to create a label design linked to the image projected by the company's website to ensure that there is consistency across the various tool’s business.


Chief Marie can now manage the content of her website in a simple and autonomous way.The professional image that her site and her labels project also had a significant impact in the launch of his grocery products! Also, the new packaging design of its products attracts the attention of consumers.

Label Design

As for the design of the new packaging, MCHEF now offers a unique packaging to smell the spices and toppings before buying them, thanks to a valve located on the top of the bag. MEDIAVORE therefore wanted to put forward this advantage compared to other spices, but also enhance the image of the range with a more modern design with minimalist lines. We have also created a color grading system to easily identify spices and topping that can be used for meats, fish, vegetables or desserts.